Event & Tour行事・観光

Main School Events

  • Guidance and Welcome Party
  • Science Museum Tour (at Sendai Science Museum)
  • Cherry Blossom Viewing (at Sendai Nishi Park)
  • Matsushima Sightseeing (Ferry boarding)
  • Sports Event
  • Class Recreation
  • Graduation Party

Recommended Tourist Spots

Mt. Zao

In summer people go trekking to see the crater called Okama, and in winter they see Juhyo or frost-covered trees while skiing. You can enjoy Onsen or hot springs throughout the year.

Okama is a swamp which has water inside the crater of the mountain. The color of the water varies according to the seasons, providing a pleasure of the four seasons.

Juhyo are also called “snow monsters”, which are seen only in cold places of -5℃ or below.

Onsen is very popular and enjoyed all the year round.

  • OkamaOkama
  • JuhyoJuhyo


It boasts a beautiful scenery which is selected as one of the three great views of Japan.

You can feed gulls on the ferry. At a national treasure Zuiganji temple, you can come into contact with a Japanese history enjoying buildings with a lot of atmosphere.

  • Matsushima BayMatsushima Bay
  • ZuiganjiZuiganji

Aoba Castle

Aoba Castle is a castle of a famous feudal lord Date Masamune and designated as a national historical site.

You can take pictures of you with the statue of Date Masamune.

It commands a panoramic view of Sendai city and can be easily accessed by bus.

  • Aoba Castle Ruins landAoba Castle Ruins land
  • Aoba CastleAoba Castle

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