Season for Entrance and the Procedure

4 Times a Year --- January, April, July and October ※Preparatory Course --- Only in April and October

    1. January Intake
    2. April Intake
    3. July Intake
    4. October Intake
  1. Receiving Application
    From May to the end of October From August to the end of January From November to the end of April From Feburuary to the end of July
  2. Submitting Application Documents to the Immigration Bureau
    the end of October the end of January the end of April the end of July
  3. Result Notification of Status of Residence in Japan
    the end of November the end of Feburuary the end of May the end of August
  4. Remittance of Entrance Fee to School
    the end of December the end of March the end of June the end of September
  5. Receiving Status of Residence from School
    You will have your certificate a week after your remittance of the entrance fee
  6. Acquiring a visa in your home country
    The procedure takes about a week
  7. Entrance into the School
    from the middle of January to the beginning of February from the middle of April to the beginning of May from the middle of July to the beginning of August from the middle of October to the beginning of November

Necessary Documents when You Apply

※It depends on your nationality or situation.

  • Application formDownload here
  • Letter of the reason of your studying JapaneseDownload here
  • Document certifying the foreign national’s ability to pay all of his/her expenses during his/her stay in JapanDownload here
  • Certificates of savings and other deposit balances issued by financial institutions
  • Trade detail data of the bank account
  • Certificate of annual income and amount of tax paid the above three documents of person paying the foreign national’s school or living expenses
  • Documents certifying the family relationships of the foreign national
  • Copy of one’s census register
  • Graduation certificate and academic transcript of your final academic background
  • Certificate of Japanese language institution and your Japanese ability (NAT-TEST, TOP-J, etc.)
  • School certificate if you are a student
  • Certificate of employment if you have work experiences
  • 10 face photoes

※Each document must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.

For Inquirie about the Procedure


Please contact our office, for the procedure and necessatry documents vary according to your situation.


E-mail:For Inquiry by Email

Necessary information and confirmatoion items as your inquiry

applicants’ name, nationality, age, final academic background, the period of learning Japanese at a Japanese language institute and your Japanese ability, person paying the foreign national’s school or living expenses, experience of application or entering into foreign countries, your relatives’ experience of studying abroad (including whether they have working visa)

※If you hide your information, you may be claimed compensation.

Application form Download