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About Kankyu Academy of Japanese Language

You will have a good command of Japanese in half a year

In the general course, well-trained teachers adopt the direct method, aiming to cultivate students’ comprehensive Japanese abilities composed of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In most part of the class, students have to think and speak only in Japanese. As a result, most students will get not only to read and write, but also to have daily conversation half a year after your entrance.

The compulsory subject deals with grammar, reading and vocabulary needed to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and university entrance examinations and also newspaper articles and TV news, in order for students to get familiar with Japanese culture, manners and customs as well as to learn Japanese, leading to a better understanding of Japan and Japanese people.

In the advanced course, students learn communication skills needed to live with Japanese people in school life or in Japanese society as well as to pass higher schools.


  Season for Entrance Term of Study Number of School Hours (hour) Number of School Weeks (week)
Preparatory Course Ⅰ January 1 year and 3 month 960 55
Preparatory Course Ⅱ April 2 years 1,520 88
Preparatory Course Ⅲ July 1 year and 9 month 1,340 77
Preparatory Course Ⅳ October 1 year and 6 month 1,140 60

※In case of some change, please contact the office.

Introduction of the Course

Japanese Language Course

Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing --- Enjoy Learning and Develop Your Japanese Skills

The regular course of Kankyu Academy of Japanese Language provides beginner, intermediate and advanced classes according to students’ level of Japanese language so that students can pass the entrance examinations of universities or vocational schools.

We provide a good learning environment where students can take lessons for study abroad examinations so every student can enter a higher school. Also you will understand Japanese culture more deeply through kinds of extracurricular classes and events.

Necessary Documents When You Apply for This School※It depends on your nationality or situation.

  • 宮城県知事認可校
  • 法務省在留資格許可申請取次認定校
  • 財団法人 日本語教育振興協会認定校
  • 国際日本語研修協会会員校
  • 財団法人 入管協会会員校
  • 法務大臣告示校
  • 有限責任中間法人 全国日本語教師養成協議会会員校
  • 有限責任中間法人 全国日本語学校連合会会員校
  • 日本語教育学会賛助会員校
  • 中国大使館教育処認定校



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